Kids Camp Can Be A Difference-Maker

Life can be tough and it can be even tougher if you don’t have a plan. Some of us find it difficult enough to handle our own selves and make the right decisions that when we become responsible for someone else’s livelihood as a parent, it can be a nerve-wracking experience filled with moments of anxiety. For this and many other reasons it’s a good idea to have a plan, because our lives don’t just come together by happenstance. Many people in our lives are responsible and deserve some credit for the position that we’re in today if we’ve ended up in a good place. It’s not very often that someone is able to do everything on their own, in fact, I don’t think that anyone has ever done it alone.

Our parents, teachers, community leaders, friends and family are usually a part of the success that we’re able to attain in our lives, and it’s the people in those roles who really care about us and our well-being. As a parent, your priority should be to put our kid in the best possible position to be happy and confident so that when the times comes to enter into the real world, they’re prepared for anything that life throws at them. It’s a good idea to make the proactive decision to come up with a plan for your kid that includes the kinds of things that you want to be able to afford, e.g., college, music lessons, recreational sports activities, summer camp. This will put you in a mindset that will make you more cognizant of these goals and be able to impact your decision-making before the time comes to do these things. When your kid steps up to the plate of life, do you want them to swing for the fences or hope that they get walked?

They say, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Not everything just comes together in this life and without help from your parents or other influential people, you could have a tough road ahead of you. If you’re struggling to come up with ways to expand your child’s scope and want them to have some unique experiences act as eye-openers to stimulate their minds, you should consider sending them to a summer camp for teens. This is a time of their lives when they are especially impressionable and can go whichever way the wind blows if they don’t have something that they care about to anchor them down. If they haven’t figured too many things out about themselves by that point, then sending them to a nature camp that will open their minds to the great outdoors would be a wonderful idea. When kids seem to be feeling stagnant and aren’t naturally coming across things in their lives that they enjoy, you want to be in a position to give them a shot in the arm in order to change their attitudes. Getting them into a situation where they’re surrounded by other kids that are in the same boat as they are, can in itself make them feel like they’re beginning to fit in already. You don’t even have to send them away, so to speak, because depending on your individual child’s sensibilities and their potential for feeling homesick, choosing a local day camp could be a much better choice.

Your kid doesn’t just need you to care about them, they need a whole host of other people to take a personal interest in their lives in order for them to get the exposure they need to ultimately find happiness. Like I said earlier, no one can do it alone and that includes you from a parenting standpoint. You can obviously be quite influential with regard to putting them on the right track so they can discover their passions in life, but it could be a camp counselor at kids camp that teaches them how to rock climb or kayak that makes the biggest difference in their lives. You’re in control of the opportunities that you’re able to give your kid so without you, they can’t be put into a position where someone else is able to help them find something in their life that they love. It may take a serious amount of sacrifice as a parent to be able to afford these kinds of opportunities for your kid, but you ought to know exactly what you’re dealing with by doing some research on the matter. Then, you’ll have a frame of reference with which to use as a foundation for the rest of the critical thinking that you have to do regarding the matter.

Clear Braces Are Always An Option

Being successful in this world that we live in has a lot to do with our personal confidence in our abilities and our outward appearance. The way that one carries themselves can be seen as a positive or negative thing, but if one walks with a perceived purpose then that typically carries a confident connotation along with it. So many of the decisions that we make about people are made on a sub-conscious level that we don’t even recognize or stop to really think about, but whether we know it or not, those with an obvious air of self–confidence are usually perceived positively by most. Our upbringings have a lot to do with how confident we are, but some of us are more naturally timid and unsure of ourselves for really no good reason. That’s ok, we’re all individuals with different biochemistry and circumstances, but there are often things that affect our confidence in ways that are pretty clear. For example, if you don’t like your appearance and you’re self-conscious about your body type, weight, or your smile, then that can have a huge impact on the amount of confidence that you’re capable of exuding. Now, there might not be anything that you can do about your body type and you’re going to have to find a way to accept that, but there are things that you can do about your weight or your teeth and if you don’t know where to start, then there is help available.

I’m going to talk about your teeth today, I’m going to focus on that because more often than with one’s weight, people feel helpless and don’t know how to go about getting their smiles to a more acceptable state. You may think that just because you didn’t get braces as a kid, that there isn’t much that you can do as an adult about it if you’re not willing to undergo a procedure that you feel that you should have had years ago when everyone else had it done. I can understand that and I feel where you’re coming from, but there are ways that a dentist or orthodontist can help you attain the smile you always wanted, even without traditional bracket braces. You may want to think about how self-conscious you feel about your teeth right now though, and compare that feeling to what amount of self-consciousness that you might feel as a result of having braces. If you’re the kind of person who consciously shields their teeth from the world, like in scenarios where you’re inclined to smile or laugh, then your self-esteem is most likely suffering to a great degree and having braces may not produce more negative feelings about your smile than you’re already feeling.

Luckily, we live in a time where there are many options for teeth straightening and if you for whatever reason, don’t feel comfortable with having braces as an adult, then that’s understandable. There’s still no reason why you can’t look into other options that can help you feel more confident about your smile and make you feel more inclined to show it off. If you’re not comfortable with your smile, then I’m sure that you’ve been envious about people in your life who have beautiful, confident smiles and you wished that you felt the same way about yours that it seems like they did about theirs. Those people might not be near as capable, intelligent, and/or talented as you are, but if they’re able to produce a more confident perception among those who they come across, they may end up being more successful and happy that you’re able to, simply because of that fact.

There’s no reason to feel like you can’t accomplish everything that you want to in this life, but you need to understand that lacking confidence for any reason, is going to hold you back and you should take control of the things that you can. There is Invisalign, clear braces, and lingual braces that may be the perfect answer for you if you’re looking to get results in an inconspicuous way. There are orthodontists and cosmetic dentists all over the place that are experts at all or any one of these methods or techniques, and they’d be more than happy to discuss your options with you after they check you out and you explain what it is that you’re looking for. Your opinion combined with theirs can help you both put together a plan to get you on the road to feeling more confident than you ever have before, so do yourself a favor and think about it.

An FHA 203K Home Loan Can Contribute To The Rebirth Of A Community

Rebirth is a wonderful concept that helps us understand that there is no such thing as death. We as people, the world we live in, and the things that we create may get old, they may wither, deteriorate and seemingly die but when we see them dying, their energy is just slowly transforming into another form of life. This happens with all things, even things that are man-made because everything we make is a comprised of earthly elements. We’ve learned to synthesize chemicals, split the atom and create nuclear energy and waste to complicate matters, but it’s all part of us understanding our limitations as human beings and unfortunately, going too far is a part of that process. Maybe we’re at the beginning stages of going “too far” but that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost or we’re supposed to give up, we just make our lives bearable and enjoyable if at all possible, as we continue down the road to our own inevitable deaths, no matter what form they come in. We all die, it’s not a depressing thought, because there is rebirth and the end of anything is only the beginning of something else. So, even in the cities that we dwell, we see deterioration and rebirth all of the time in the many communities and neighborhoods that were once vibrant, young and full of life. Investors and single family home-buyers sometimes feel a desire to rehabilitate dilapidated parts of cities all of the time, and they work in conjunction with local and state housing agencies as well as non-profits in order to bring dying neighborhoods back to life.

The US government formed the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to create home-buying opportunities for those without access to large amounts of money. An FHA loan allows someone from a low-income or lower-middle class background to get themselves into a home so they can start to create some real wealth for themselves, while also having a place to live and raise their families. In areas where home values are increasing, especially communities that are in a rehabilitation or revitalization phase, those who get involved can see the equity in their homes grow very quickly. Even at a reasonable rate, the appreciation of the property they buy can turn into twenty or thirty thousand dollars in a decade or less. Other common loans in these areas are 203K residential home loans that are designed to take homes that are in serious disrepair or no longer considered livable, and streamline the loan process for someone looking into making the repairs to revitalize the property.

Before the FHA 203K home loan was made available by the federal government, getting a loan for the property in the first place was step one, then securing another loan for the construction repairs and renovation was step two (both of which often have very high interest rates because they’re short-term loans), and then step three was the permanent, long-term mortgage loan. One loan can be complicated enough in terms of meeting all of the qualifications set by the lender, but three loans just to turn one property from a dying one into one that has undergone a rebirth, is overkill for the average person or investor trying to make a difference in the community. The 203K loan is administered by the FHA which means that the loan is backed by the federal government, thus the typical 10-25% bank lender-required down payment isn’t considered necessary. It’s important to understand that the FHA does not give the loan and they are not the lender, they are simply the government agency that guarantees the loan if it were to ever go into default status.

In a neighborhood that has seen better days and housing values have become stagnant or even decreased over the years, then there are often many opportunities to take advantage of. A 203K Loan can simplify the loan process and make it easier to see yourself in a home that is located in a low-income area. FHA-approved lenders that are willing to participate in these loaning programs do so because they have an incentive themselves. It reflects very favorably in these communities where people often have low opinions of banks. This is also a way for lenders to prove their commitment to low-income housing lending practices as a part of Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) as well. So, when you look at a community that looks like it’s dying, then understand that there are ways for you to be an instrumental part of it’s rebirth, you just have to put things into the right perspective.

Kids Braces Establish Confidence

Being a kid in America is great, life is usually so worry-free because even if you don’t have everything that a lot of other people have, you just don’t care too much. All of the worry that usually goes on in your world is taken care of by your parents or they do most of the worrying for you in the process of trying to provide you with everything you need in this life. Innocence is a wonderful thing, it makes us less judgmental, more accepting and generally speaking, nice people. Then, when that innocence is lost in the process of coming to terms with the harsh realities of life, that’s when kids start to act cruel to one another and feel like they have to bolster their own self-esteem when theirs is personally lacking. These complex things can’t be understood by a kid though, it normally takes a long time and a great deal of experience from a mental health expert in order to bring some of these things to life and retroactively map the source of our pain. Sometimes that pain comes later in life in the form of being self-conscious about certain physical characteristics of our bodies, very often it’s our teeth. If we don’t come from a background of financial means, it’s tough for our parents to be proactive about things that could make a big impact on us later in our lives, and very often they don’t even think about it. More often than not, people and parents just repeat what they know and if they came from a place where there wasn’t any emphasis on getting braces, then if they didn’t feel a significant amount of emotional torment themselves as a result, then they’re most likely not going to be thinking along those lines for their own children.

It’s important to understand though as a parent, that there are all kinds of things that you can do to put your child in a more advantageous position, so they can be more capable of experiencing success and finding happiness in their lives. This country that we live in can be very cruel to those without an attractive appearance and considering there’s not much that any of us can do about our facial structure, body type or the natural color of our hair or eyes, we can do something about our teeth. If you knew that it was a fact that your kid had a better shot at landing a job if they had straight teeth, would that be enough to give you the motivation to save up so you could get them the proper orthodontic treatment when the time came to? Well, we’ve got a very short amount of time to make a positive first impression on someone and if it’s a job interviewer that we’re trying to make that impression on, having a confident smile is one of the best ways to impress them without even having to say anything at all. Confidence can make up for all kinds of short-comings that people have and it often takes a long time for the veneer of that confidence to wear off, in terms of someone’s perception of you, before they can see that you’re human and you’ve got deficiencies like everyone else. But, by that time you’ve already got the job because you were able to portray a positive self-image so now, you can actually work on all of the other things that you need to, things that you may have not ever gotten the chance to if you never got a shot in the first place.

Everyone deserves a chance in this world, it’s just that some people get more of them because they have aesthetically appealing physical appearances. The ancillary parts of someone’s appearance though, often only matter if whomever is making the judgment call if they’re happy with the centerpiece, that centerpiece being that person’s smile. A beautiful smile, no matter what the rest of you looks like, is your best weapon in this life when you’re battling for success. Getting your kids braces (if you’re a parent struggling with this decision) is perhaps the best thing that you can do for them to keep their self-image as positive as it can be. You obviously want to provide them positive encouragement as well, and also make sure that you’re exposing them to as many confidence and character building activities and experiences as you possibly can. So regardless of them going to college or not, your actions have at least increased their chances of getting a job, if noting else.


Consider An FHA 203K Residential Home Loan

Having proficient social skills and a business acumen are a good combination. Combine those things with a great network of people in a variety of business’ and industries, and you could be a formidable force in the business world. Real estate is where many people from modest means are able to begin to put together some financial stability with which to build upon. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money if you’re smart about it, you don’t even have to have any of the aforementioned skills to make it happen, although being good with people and understanding business are always skills that will help matters, no matter what you do. Getting started isn’t difficult, unless you’ve got problems maintaining employment, paying your bills on time, keeping you credit score up or don’t have any financial discipline whatsoever.

Almost everything is easier said than done, but having a solid road map laid out before you that has literally worked for millions of people over the course of the last 100 years should make it a little easier to start to get your life in order. If not, then maybe it’s not your time because you’re not willing to seize the day. I know that it’s easier for some people than others, but like your parents tried to teach you when you were young; work comes before play. Think about it: In the right housing market and with the right self-discipline, assuming that you have a steady income, you can position yourself to retire by the age of 40 if you put your nose to the grindstone. I didn’t do it, but I wish I had and just about anyone else I know that is able and willing to consider hindsight, probably wishes they had too.

First of all, you need to understand that you live in a country where home ownership is at the heart of the freedom-loving American dream. Don’t tread on me! So, depending on where you live, you should be able to find a home for $300,000 (this is a liberal estimate, it will be far less in many cases). Even if you live in one of the most expensive home markets in America, like San Francisco, you should be able to head over the bridge to Sacramento or Oakland and find something within your price range. Then, assuming that you’ve kept your debt to a minimum and your credit score reasonably high, then you’ve got some financial discipline that should have allowed you to save up 3.5% of a $300,000 property for a down payment. So, that’s about $10,000 and considering that you’re a first time home buyer, you should qualify for an FHA loan.

The FHA is a government agency whose purpose it to make the American dream possible for as many people as possible, as it pertains to home ownership. Now, FHA-approved mortgages aren’t funded by the FHA, however they are guaranteed by the FHA which means that the FHA-approved lenders are able to make the qualifications less stringent and the terms more affordable, and specifically speaking, like I mentioned earlier, the down payment. Typical loans funded by banks who are 100% responsible for those loans, more often than not require a 10-25% down payment for a home regardless of the purchase price. The industry and perceived stability of the industry that one works in, their credit score and other financial factors are taken into account when a bank is coming up with the percentage that they’ll require for a down payment. But, because a FHA loan is guaranteed by the federal government, FHA-approved lenders and the government have come up with more plausible loan qualification standards, so that low and middle-class families, and individuals can still get a piece of the pie if they’re financially worthy of doing so. I think that anyone would agree that 3.5% down is a lot easier to come up with than triple or eight times that.

If you have construction knowledge and familiarity with any particular low-income housing areas that are primed for a revitalization, then you may want to look into an FHA 203K Residential Home Loan. These loans are intended to streamline the loan process into one loan that used to consist of up to three different loans during the purchasing, construction and selling process. The first two loans of which, typically had high interest-rates for the initial purchase of the home and the construction improvements, then a permanent loan based on the new value of the home with the cost of improvements factored in. So, with a simplified loan process, there’s less of a deterrent for people to consider them, in the process of trying to improve a community that has seen better days.

Sending Your Kid To Summer Camp Is A Great Way To Let Go

This world is changing so fast that it’s tough to know what you and your kids need to have a good relationship, and also allow them the space the need to grow as individuals. We can’t keep our eyes on them all of the time and regardless of whether or not we’ve grown eyes in the back of our heads, sometimes they’re beyond the horizon of our sight. Those are the times when we worry about them, but that’s all part of letting go and letting them make their own decisions, they’re going to need to learn someday. Part of being a good parent is letting them go and in the process, letting them make bad decisions and hurt themselves. Then, after that happens then you’ve got to either impose consequences upon them yourself, or you have to let whatever authority or establishment they perpetrated these crimes against lay down the hammer to a certain degree.

In a land where everyone seems to have money and a legal system where money and social status buys friends, this is a situation where your child can learn one thing or another. If you’ve got money and you bail them out, then they’re going to learn that consequences aren’t real for the privileged. Whether you have money or not however, if you hold your hands up in the air and tell your kid that your hands are tied, then let them suffer whatever consequences are handed down, they may learn that rules do apply to them and when and if they break them, they’ll be subject to punishment. These things happen, all of our kids are good kids, they can just do stupid things sometimes and when they do, then we need to know about it so we can handle them accordingly. Letting go is all part of that process and sometimes, you’ve got to tighten the leash a bit when they get themselves into trouble. This might be a good time to send them off to summer camp, because if they’re going to make their own decisions and they think they’re grownups, it might be time to throw them to the wolves for the summer to see how grownup they actually are.

I’m not sure if your kid is prone to getting homesick, but if that’s the case then maybe an overnight camp isn’t the best idea for them. Or, maybe you do want to punish them, but in the best way possible by surrounding them by nature for a couple of weeks with a bunch of other kids. They’ll most likely have a great time, and also come back with a greater appreciation for you as a parent from being away from you for so long, and paying for them to have such a great experience.

Summer camps for teens are an awesome way to let them go, and get them out of their comfort zone so they question themselves and who they are to an extent, but under the watchful eyes of camp counselors. The counselors at most of these camps know a lot about kids and different approaches that can be taken in order to get the best out of them, but it’s more about the interaction that they have with the other kids than anything.

The more they’re able to learn how to express themselves and communicate effectively with other people their own age, the better they’ll be able to do that in other social settings when they come home and the less likely they’ll be to misbehave. Sometimes when faced with a tough choice, they go along with the pack because they can’t confidently articulate their feelings and thoughts regarding a matter. Increasing the amount of experiences that they have with as many kids as possible, can increase their ability to pick up on strengths that other kids have that they don’t.

Who knows, maybe they’ll meet a kid that they look up to who happens to have a great vocabulary and is able to express themselves verbally in a way that your kid wants to emulate. That would be a good thing right? Well, that’s just an example but all kinds of awesome things are possible at overnight summer camps, they’re great for a lot of different reasons and have enough supervision that your kid will be cared for, but they’ll also have the freedom they need to find out the things that they need to know about themselves and each other. Well, no matter what you’re going through with your kid, it may be time to let go in the form of sending them to summer camp.

Summer Camp Is A Great Way To Expose Your Child To The Social Elements

This life is all about overcoming fears, and for those where it isn’t, they’ll probably live and die in the towns they grew up in and never really take any chances in their boring, mundane lives. Learning how to try is also learning how to fail, because failure is inevitable when you’re open to the idea of learning how to do new things. None of us can be a complete natural at everything that we do, so we have to learn through dealing with the uncertainty that comes along with the unknown, as we discover what we’re capable of in the process of finding ourselves. This process begins early in life, when we learn how to crawl, then begin to take our first steps in the process of learning how to walk. It’s all part of the literal and figurative progression that we’re all familiar with to a certain degree.

And as a parent, you’re in the process of learning how to overcome your fears of parenting after you’ve already overcome so many others in preparation for this and other challenging responsibilities in your life. We can instill some of our insecurities into our kids if we live and act vicariously through them, so it’s important that we deal with our own serious issues first before we even have kids. But, some unexpected things happen in our lives and sometimes one of those unexpected things that happens is a kid. Then we’ve got to learn how to adapt to the sudden and changing circumstances from then on out. The same kind of adjustments need to be made in the process of a child learning how to adapt to their environment in a summer camp scenario.

You should know more about your child than anyone, and throwing them head-first into a day or summer camp may or may not be the best idea. Some kids are very sensitive to the idea of being away from their parents and small, progressive steps need to be taken to get them to the point where they could do something like that. You probably already know after leaving them with a baby sitter at least a few times or sending them off to a slumber party one evening if they happen to be especially sensitive to being away from you for any given amount of time. Even getting them involved with sports or an after school science or learning activity of some kind, depending on their interests, could be the opportunity that they and you need to learn about their potential propensity for feeling uncomfortable in unfamiliar territory.

Well, learning how to parent properly is a process like a kid growing up and learning who they are through interactions with their peers is a process as well. Sending them to an overnight camp might not be the best idea in the world based on their experiences, or lack of experience with being away from home for extended amounts of time. It could be a much better idea to get them involved with a day camp nearby instead, so they don’t have to feel like they’re located on a remote island in the middle of the ocean somewhere for a week or more.

There are all kinds of options available to allow them to begin to get their feet wet until they’re ready to start swimming in the deep end. The kid pool or the shallow end is where you and them may feel the most comfortable until when and if they’re ready to venture out into the deeper, more uncertain waters, and it’s up to you and them to decide when they’re ready. Just like them learning how to crawl before walking; you don’t want to put the horse in front of the buggy and try to get them to stand tall on their own two feet until they’ve gotten familiar with the ground they’ll be walking on. They grow intimately familiar with that ground by crawling around on it and when they begin to walk, they’re familiar with the surface that they stumble upon and fall down onto in the process of learning.

Some parents take the, throw-them-to-the-wolves or trial-by-fire kind of approach when introducing their kids to things. Sometimes it works just fine but other times, it’s the worst approach that they could take and could be potentially traumatic. You don’t want to contribute to or be the source of any fear that your child may feel in their lives, but like a lot of things, a delicate and caring approach is probably preferable, for you and your child.